Friday, February 18, 2005

Black Mamba for the Dark Side

I have to have a Black Mamba2. I don't need another camera but I've just got to have this one. It's the next thing to a hi def camera without the hi cost. It comes from Japan (not available here in this incarnation). It's black. It's very cool and industrial looking. It's quite small. it comes with a crystal clear hard-plastic all-weather housing and a 9-hour battery belt. Oh, yeah, mama mamba, mumble over me!

It's time to cruise on the dark side. I've been shooting some kids' birthday parties....lovely, really. The most photogenic time is about 4 years old. The face is entirely individuated and looks appear that are subtle, strong, and wise. It hasn't leaned out like it will at 6 or 7 and starts to acquire a more adult form.

But enough sugar and beauty. Time for something degrading and gritty. I like Hollywood for that, after 11:00 pm through the early am hours, there's always something ugly going down.

Or I could motor up the 101 to Oxnard to the Wagon Wheel Motel. It looks like Disneyland from the freeway...a big wagon wheel (surprise!) in front, little one-story cottages with dark green shutters. But inside, oh, that's something else.

The WWM is where you go when you get out of jail to re-connect with your connection who got busted with you. Or if your wicked sister-in-law screamed at you to get the f--- out and take all your crap or you'll find it in front of the mobile home in the morning.

So you head for the WWM to hide out with all the other drifters, grifters, meth monsters, and pro and amateur sluts, pretty well mixed in with unsuspecting motorists who snap up the tourist bait and say, "Oh, how cute, let's stop for the night and head on in to L. A. in the morning."

Yeah, it's a good place to shoot dope and sex deals from the car window, with the added bonus of the occasional bust. My kinda deep night place.



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