Monday, June 06, 2005

Blue Roadette...Blue is as blue does. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Roadette Hits the Highway

Oh, yeah, got the camera in my backpack, my computer bag slung over one shoulder,
with a USB 2.0 mobile HD, and a small personal bag over the other...I'm ready to hit
the road. The RV with the dope-smoking Italians, the anorexic producers, and the blissed out yoga
teacher/masseur/driver...then there's me, just another kind of outlier--keeping my eye in
the viewfinder, my ears on the audio, my hands on the zoom rocker and the iris control,
hoping for that stop-the-world visual, rock-the-world quote, and paint the world pink
saturated sunset.

I'm out following sirens, checking out the accidents, arrests, and routine stops, slapping
a lens on 'em, they stay honest or I get royalties...either way I win.

So I'm going to put up some video on my website,, so take a
look and let me know what you think with an email to