Sunday, June 05, 2005

Roadette Hits the Highway

Oh, yeah, got the camera in my backpack, my computer bag slung over one shoulder,
with a USB 2.0 mobile HD, and a small personal bag over the other...I'm ready to hit
the road. The RV with the dope-smoking Italians, the anorexic producers, and the blissed out yoga
teacher/masseur/driver...then there's me, just another kind of outlier--keeping my eye in
the viewfinder, my ears on the audio, my hands on the zoom rocker and the iris control,
hoping for that stop-the-world visual, rock-the-world quote, and paint the world pink
saturated sunset.

I'm out following sirens, checking out the accidents, arrests, and routine stops, slapping
a lens on 'em, they stay honest or I get royalties...either way I win.

So I'm going to put up some video on my website,, so take a
look and let me know what you think with an email to


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