Friday, September 16, 2005

Road to AntiWar March & Demonstration, 9/24

I'd forgotten how tired I get of ideological yack, whether it's
right-wing religiosity or left-wing cadreismo.
I got to remember soon enough when I dropped in to a meeting
of ANSWER/LA, the organization that is planning the 9/24
demonstration for Los Angeles. It will coincide with the demonstrations
in San Francisco and Washington DC.

Oh, yeah, these are all dedicated, caring people who believe in
what they are doing. But you know, it's all the same to me...
Marx died for my freedom, Christ died for my sins, Freud died
for my libido, and I just wish these people would quit dying on my
behalf. I'll do my own dying, thank you very much.

I had my vidcam, so I shot these earnest citizens doing their
best to turn the rest of us out of our comfort zones and into
the streets. You can see the vid at

Well, I don't know about you, but I'll see you there. As far as I'm
concerned, we need to build wetlands, schools, hospitals, roads,
and infrastructure in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and leave
building stuff in Iraq to the Iraqis.

See ya on the road...