Tuesday, February 28, 2006

America's "can't-do" culture of incompetence

America's Can't-Do Culture of Incompetence

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In the old days, the United States was famed for its "can-do" attitude. No more. Eight years of the misleadership by the Bush Administration have reduced the country to a historically low level of competence by depleting the treasury, destroying the job base, and undermining the national security.

Here's a short list of what we can't do:

Prepare for a natural disaster, like Katrina

Take care of the people affected by Katrina

Reconstruct the Gulf Coast

Run a railroad, much less make it run on time

Operate our own ports

Field a fleet of ships

Provide health care for our citizens

Reform our public schools

Fund and manage our elections so they are fair and honest

Adopt rehabilitation programs for criminal lawbreakers or reform prisons

Manage immigration in a humane and reasonable manner

Protect our borders

Provision our troops with adequate gear

Repair the electrical grid in Baghdad

Conduct a dignified trial of a tyrant like Saddam Hussein

So why did we ever think we could bring good government to Iraq? Competence begins at home, and it relies on a clear view of reality -- not just faith and prayers. We better not expect God -- or anybody else -- to do for us what we can't (and won't) do for ourselves.

Make a move towards competence -- turn left.

Happy Highways (potholes and all), Roadette


Blogger Nancy said...

I think this piece needs to be sent to the Whitehouse, post haste! Have you ever thought of being a spokesperson? It is accurate, wonderfully articulate, and timely. Roadette ~ roll on, Sister!

6:38 PM  

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